Margaretta Colangelo is Co-founder and CEO of Jthereum, an enterprise Blockchain technology company that transforms Java developers into Blockchain developers. With Jthereum, 10 million Java developers around the world can write smart contracts and interact with existing contracts in Java, without having to learn Solidity.

Margaretta Colangelo is President of U1 Technologies. U1 provides the communications infrastructure used at the core of stock trading applications by the world's top multi-national investment banks.

Margaretta Colangelo is on the advisory board at NaNotics. NaNotics is developing a novel nanomedicine platform for treating multiple diseases, including cancer, sepsis, auto-immune disorders, and the harmful effects of aging.

Margaretta Colangelo is on the advisory board of the AI PHI at the University of Hawaii Cancer Center. The AI-PHI is the world's first AI Precision Health Institute using AI to assess health and predict risk of disease.

Margaretta Colangelo is on the Board of Directors of Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation. Bring Hope has distributed over $130 million worth of medicine and aid to over 2 million people and is the largest organization on the ground delivering humanitarian aid to refugees.

Margaretta Colangelo is on the advisory board at Robots Go Mental. Robots Go Mental develops Transfer Learning on Steroids (TLoS). With this technology deep networks can learn much more efficiently than by using traditional methods.

Margaretta Colangelo is on the advisory board at Gennev, the first teleheath platform designed for women over 40.