Margaretta Colangelo Ventures is a unique and high-value think tank of investors, entrepreneurs, researchers, and engineers who are interested in innovative and progressive ideas. Our interests include AI, advanced biomedicine, and blockchain. We see the potential of advanced technologies to combat some of the world's most serious problems including poverty, exploitation, corruption and disease, and to transform healthcare and education. Like a natural ecosystem, our community consists of interlinked resources. Recognizing and managing this network accelerates diverse and valuable information flows. We're interested in meeting progressive people and mission-driven companies around the world.



Margaretta Colangelo
President, U1 Technologies
Partner, Deep Knowledge Ventures
Partner, Deep Knowledge Life Sciences
Partner, Deep Knowledge Analytics
Founder, Margaretta Colangelo Ventures
Sweet Briar College, BA
The Kent School
San Francisco

In tech companies, thinking is the primary activity and the core process used to create value. One of the challenges when thinking about technology is keeping up with constant innovation and envisioning what will evolve next. To stay abreast of emerging technologies, I've built this think tank of investors, entrepreneurs, researchers, and engineers around the world who have progressive ideas. Like a natural ecosystem, our ecosystem consists of interlinked resources that complement each other. As the community expands, it's value increases exponentially for everyone in it. These are some of the people with whom I collaborate regularly.


Andrew Bogle
Managing Director, Reva Capital Markets
Co-Founder, PhenoMx
Vanderbilt University Graduate School
Connecticut College, BA
The Kent School
New York

Margaretta in a word is awesome. I have been fortunate to know her for a number of years and work with her on startups and non-profits. We serve on six advisory boards together and I hear nothing but high praise for her work effort and strong ethics. Margaretta is intelligent and creative. She works hard and smart. She thinks long-term and has an innate ability to execute on near-term projects which will lead to future success. She's a constant learner and reader which leads her to explore and find connections which are pertinent but were not previously thought of by others. When she works on a project, she focuses on it but also allows her mind to think through other permutations about how it could be done. Margaretta doesn't seek the spotlight. She works well with other people and she isn't looking for the limelight.


Dmitry Kaminskiy
Managing Partner, Deep Knowledge Ventures
Founding Partner, Deep Knowledge Life Sciences
Founding Partner, Deep Knowledge Analytics
Managing Trustee, Biogerontology Research Foundation
National Research University of Electronic Technology, MIET

Margaretta is a very pure person. She is one of the most advanced, balanced, and harmonized people I have ever met. She has high levels of IQ + EQ + LQ + Erudition + Energy + Charisma. She also has high levels of personal performance, dedication, and focus. She is the best partner and friend to have when you want to convert a bold idea that others consider undoable, unthinkable, and impossible, into reality. With Margaretta, it actually becomes a reality.


Alex Fork
Founder & CEO, Humaniq
Founder, Future Fintech
Author, Bitcoin: More than just money

Margaretta is a business fairy and an altogether wonderful human uniting the most incredible minds in the world. She's on the advisory board of my company and we have fantastic conversations about many things. I admire her intelligence, business acumen, perseverance and excellence in literally everything she does, and I am convinced that it stems from her love for her fellow humans. She is interested in finding a cure for aging and disease, and improving overall health using cutting edge technologies (blockchain, AI) - this is all very much in line with my thinking. She is an incredibly interesting and interested individual. I was stunned by the extensive collection of all the right books she owns which leaves no doubt of the above. By supporting, advising, mentoring, and propelling gifted and prodigious youth, she is forming the next generation right before our eyes. I am beyond excited and proud to be going down this path with Margaretta side by side.


Laurent Weichberger
Big Data Expert, Java J2EE Expert
CUNY Hunter College, BSc
Silicon Valley

Margaretta is one of the most intelligent people I have ever met, and her ethics are sterling. Margaretta and I ​met in 1997 ​when I was ​CEO of​ Advanced Web Technologies ​​​in New York City. I recruited her to be Director of Sales at our company on Wall Street in New York City. Margaretta was the single most successful sales director in our company history. Her tireless and laser focused efforts and professionalism brought us tremendous business and amazing new clients. She single handedly brought in major accounts including: Barclay's Global, JP Morgan, NCR, Standard and Poor's, Teradata, MITRE, Countrywide Financial, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Portland Gas & Electric, Pennsylvania State University, JBoss and Red Hat. Our company flourished under her sales leadership. I wholeheartedly recommend Margaretta. She's not just a star, she's more like a quasar!


Vaughn Blake
Managing Director, Autochrome Ventures
Venture Partner, NextGen Venture Partners
Colorado College, BA, English and Philosophy
Los Angeles

Margaretta's tireless work ethic and extraordinary insight are only exceeded by her kindness and generosity. As an emerging fund manager, she's been absolutely essential to building my network and enabling a successful transition from operator to investor. Any founder would be privileged to have access to her counsel, and any investor can trust that her contribution to a company's success will go far beyond simply writing a check.


Anton Mozgovoy
CTO, Humaniq
Architected Hybrid ETH Platform
Blockchain Speaker
Humber College, Computer Engineering

Margaretta is on the advisory board of my company and we've attended tech events together. We've discussed everything from our interests, to the future, to the potential of the longevity and blockchain spheres. We attended a Crypto investor event together at Draper University and while the event was full of interesting individuals, the person who really shined to me was Margaretta. By the end of the day I felt like I'd known Margaretta forever. She is one of the smartest, most charming and welcoming people I’ve ever met. It's an honour to work toward a bright future together with Margaretta.


Brian Aoaeh
Co-Founder, EFASHIOND Ventures
Co-Founder, The Worldwide Supply Chain Federation
Founder, New York Supply Chain Meetup
NYU Stern School of Business, MBA
Connecticut College, BA, Mathematics and Physics
New York

Margaretta is the sort of person I'd want beside me when my back is against the wall. She's also great fun to talk to about startups because of the depth of her experience in the technology sector.


John Shepherd, PhD
Leading expert in quantitative X-ray imaging using machine learning
Founder and Director, AI Precision Health Institute, University of Hawaii Cancer Center
Director, Shepherd Radiomics Lab, The University of Hawaii Cancer Center
Professor, Population Sciences in the Pacific Program, Cancer Epidemiology
University of Virginia, PhD, Physics
Princeton University, PhD, Physics
Fulbright Scholar
Honolulu, Hawaii

Enthusiasm, optimism, insight, and honesty describe my wonderful conversations with Margaretta. We met through a mutual interest in deep learning as applied to medical imaging. There are few people who grasp future trends the way she does. My reading list has also become full of new books on AI and emerging technologies because of her. Margaretta serves on the Advisory Board of the Precision Health Institute that I founded at the University of Hawaii Cancer Center. Cheers Margaretta!


Danko Nikolic, PhD
Brain and Mind scientist, AI Practitioner
AI, Cognitive Neuroscience, Data Science
Developed the Theory of Practopoiesis
Chief Data Officer & Head of AI, Savedroid AG
Founder and CEO, Robots Go Mental
Max Planck Society, Group Leader
University of Oklahoma, PhD, Cognitive Psychology
University of Zagreb, Civil Engineering, Psychology

I am glad to share interests in AI with Margaretta. She is on the advisory board of my company Robots Go Mental. We collaborated on an article about the importance of small data in advancing AI which was published in MIT Technology Review Italia. She proposed that I join her think tank. Here I am. Gladly. I love her enthusiasm.


Felix Hovsepian, PhD
AI, Complexity Science, Swarm Intelligence
Author The 4th Industrial Revolution: Responding to the Impact of AI on Business
Guest Speaker, University of Warwick
University of Warwick, PhD, Computer Science
London South Bank University, Master's Degree, Information Systems Engineering
King's College London, University of London, Mathematical Physics
United Kingdom

Margaretta and I have discussed various topics of mutual interest, including Swarm Intelligence and Complex Adaptive Systems and Continuous Logic. It is always a pleasure to speak with Margaretta because she has such a wide spectrum of topics in which she is interested (and knowledgeable).


Gabriel Silva, PhD
AI, Nanotechnology, Neuroscience
Professor of Bioengineering and Neurosciences, University of California San Diego
Founding Director, Center for Engineered Natural Intelligence, University of California San Diego
Co-Founder and Executive Director, Nanovision Biosciences
Co-founder and General Partner, Level 7 Ventures
Northwestern University, Postdoctoral Fellowship, Nanotechnology and Neuroscience
University of Illinois at Chicago, Neural Engineering, PhD
San Diego

Margaretta and I connected due to mutual interests in machine learning, neuroscience, and nanotechnology. We immediately hit it off and have had some wonderfully engaging discussions ranging from science, technology, and engineering to the importance of mentorship to entrepreneurship.


Francesco Corea, PhD
AI, Complexity Science
Data Science Consultant and AI Advisor
Writer: AI, Data Science, Machine Learning
LUISS Guido Carli University, PhD, Economics
Nova School of Business and Economics, MS, Finance, Major in Financial Markets
LUISS Guido Carli University, MS, Economics, Cum Laude

Margaretta and I came together over our mutual interest in AI, Blockchain and Cryptos. We are both passionate about exploiting emerging technologies to solve high-value problems with impactful solutions. As a complexity scientist, I am a strong supporter of an interdisciplinary research approach, and my life goal is fostering the interaction of different sciences in order to bring to light hidden connections. I strive for becoming a worldwide expert in exponential technologies and a science-driven investor, mainly investing in AI and robotics, with a focus on high-social-impact verticals such as life sciences, energy, and general intelligence.


Ángel Alberich-Bayarri PhD
AI, Computer Vision
Founder & CEO, QUIBIM
Scientific-Technical Director, Biomedical Imaging, Medical Research Institute Hospital La Fe
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, PhD Biomedical Engineering
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, PhD Engineering
Named MIT Innovator Under 35
MIT Best Scientific Paper Award

Margaretta is a smart and visionary person with the strong capacity to look 10-20 years into the future. I enjoy conversing with her because of her positive mental attitude, her forward thinking perspective and her friendliness. She's on the advisory board of my company. We share the perspective that companies working with AI must work together to create a positive impact in our world and foster a paradigm shift to improve the quality of human life. The improvements we envision include the prevention of physical and cognitive decline, and disease. Long live AI, Computer Vision, Precision Medicine and our friendship Margaretta!


Andrey Golub, PhD
AI Strategist, AI-Driven Design Advocate
Co-Founder, CEO, CTO, ELSE Corp - a Virtual Retail Company
Chair, inTAIL, International B2B Conference on AI for Retail, Milan
Co-Chair, 3D Body Processing Working Group, IEEE Standards Association
Advisory Board, ICO CROWD, London
Advisor, Fashion Technology Accelerator, Milan
Belarusian National Technical University, PhD, Computer Systems Analysis
Belarusian National Technical University, M.Sc, Computational & Applied Mathematics
Politecnico Di Milano, MBA, Startup Management, Innovation, Entrepreneurship

Margaretta is an external advisor at my company ELSE Corp. She is helping us with our positioning and helping us improve the focus of our AI related strategy in the global context of cross-technology, cross-sector, cross-continent business ecosystem. Margaretta and I collaborated on an article about the importance of small data in advancing AI which was published in MIT Technology Review Italia


Joshua Broggi, PhD
Founder, Woolf University – Building the first blockchain university
Faculty of Philosophy, Oxford
Member of the Governing Congregation, Oxford
Humboldt Research Fellow, Government of Germany
Stowe Fellow, Yale Divinity School, Yale University
The University of Edinburgh, PhD, Philosophy
London & Berlin

Margaretta and I connected over our mutual interest in education. It was immediately evident that she combines intellectual curiosity, powers of encouragement, and experienced insights. She's clear-eyed about the need to adapt our current expectations to a future that's already here, and she has cultivated a network of exceptional people who are using technology to better the way we live. She serves on the Advisory Board of Woolf University, the first blockchain university.


Tony Lew
Co-founder, Concier (AI-based decision making platform)
Director of Product Management, Alibaba
Sr. Director of Product Management, Gartner
Consultant, The Boston Consulting Group
NYU Leonard N. Stern School of Business, MBA
The George Washington University School of Business, Information Management Science, MS
Carnegie Mellon University, Information Decision Systems, B.Sc
The Kent School
New York City

Margaretta and I came together over our mutual interest in developing AI. We have discussed AI trends and have had the most interesting conversations about humanity, diversity, multi-multiculturalism, cultural identity, startups, funding, design patterns and Yemen! It's been awesome and I'm so honored and thrilled that I'm part of her life and network. I hope that her wisdom, energy and passion rubs off of on me, and hopefully I can return some of it back to the network as well.


Mahima Agochiya, MBA, PhD
Co-founder, Dategra
Program Manager, SPARK Program, Stanford University School of Medicine
University of Glasgow, Cancer Research, PhD
University College London, Human Genetics, Bsc
University of Toronto Rotman School of Management, MBA
San Francisco

I met Margaretta through a colleague and am so happy to be connected to such a forward looking, energetic, and optimistic mind! I found a kindred spirit in her and hope to work together to fulfill our shared dream of achieving major advances in healthcare through the use of AI. Her network is impressive to say the least and is a reflection of the kind of person she is and her beliefs. I look forward to our future collaborations Margaretta!


Sanjeev Thohan, PhD
Preclinical Safety Expert, New Opportunity Pharma
Towson College
University of Arizona
University of Maryland
San Diego

Margaretta is an inspirational collaborator and perseverant inquisitor. Our discussions range from the mainstream to the fringe and back again - ranging from quantum physics and the holistic approach for therapeutics to quantum medicine that underlies our basic understanding of systems biology (toxicology by sequelae) that will evolve to precision medicine. Margaretta is a rarity in today's world as most of us are trained to drill down into our disciplines to observe a singularity. I am grateful to know a like-minded contextual thinker and to be part of her ecosystem.


Sean Manion, PhD
CEO and Co-founder, Science Distributed
Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, PhD Neuroscience
Temple University, BS Biochemistry
Skidmore College, Economics
New York

When Margaretta and I met, we had both independently arrived at the conclusion that blockchain, AI/ML, and other emerging technologies could drastically reduce the 15-17 years it takes medical science to go “from bench to bedside,” putting new treatments into life-saving clinical practice. We discussed her myriad ventures and my new company Science Distributed. We spoke of blockchain and books, computers and cats. She invited me to her think tank. Next, we change the world.


Girish Srinivasan, PhD
CTO, PhenoMx
University of Illinois at Chicago, PhD Bio Engineering, Medical Imaging
University at Buffalo, MS Computer Science
University of Madras, BS Computer Engineering

Margaretta is synonymous with enthusiasm, energy, and excitement. She loves technology and strives for practical translation to improve the world and our lives. As an advisor at my company PhenoMx, she connects us with people all over the world and spurs innovative discussions. This is where my interest matches with Margaretta. I am passionate about healthcare and believe in quality of life. We connected with a common interest in applying artificial intelligence technology for precision healthcare. I am looking forward to a long-standing relationship with Margaretta while together we realize our healthy dreams.


Martin Gallagher, PhD
Programme Director, Woolf University – Building the first blockchain university
Adjunct Faculty, University of North Texas
Chapter President, Archaeological Institute of America, Dallas/Fort Worth
Isaiah Berlin Student, Wolfson College, Oxford
Macmillan-Rodewald Student, The British School at Athens
University of Oxford, PhD in Archaeology, expected 2018
Dallas and Oxford, UK

Margaretta and I share a passion for Humanities education (History, Languages, Philosophy), and its role in training a capable and ethical future workforce. She has an inspirational and lucid vision of how technology and education can be shaped to serve the highest aspirations of maturing societies. It is a joy to be collaborating with Margaretta on shaping university provision responsive to current challenges and flexible to adapt to new opportunities.


Luis A. Gomez-Sarosi, PhD
Cancer Biology Research Scientist
Co-Founder, Nebula X Medical
Research Associate, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Kansas Medical Center
Postdoctoral Research Scholar, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Científicas, PhD, Biochemistry
Universidad Central de Venezuela, BS, Cell Biology
Cambridge, UK

Margaretta and I have great and energizing conversations. I love her enthusiasm. We live in exciting times where technology and data science can open unthinkable doors to cure diseases, improve quality of life, and help people live longer. The complexity of this enterprise requires the interaction of thinkers, innovators, and entrepreneurs. I love Margaretta's vision to make this possible by creating this think tank. My main motivation is to create tools for early cancer detection which significantly increase survival and also have a positive impact on patients already battling the disease. Margaretta and I have joined forces to make a big impact on patients - they are in urgent need of options and solutions.


Lohith Karnam, PhD
Nanotechnology, Nanoparticle synthesis, Organic synthesis
Development and Quality Control Manager, MF Catenificio Frigerio
Politecnico di Milano, PhD with Merit in Material Sciences
Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Research Fellow
Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, MA, Chemistry

Margaretta and I both have a common point of interest regarding Nanotechnology and saving the world for the future. Margaretta is a just as awesome as her idealogy to bring science and technology under one roof. Her communication and leadership skills are commendable.


Rajkumar Prasad
CEO, Commonwealth Center for e-Governance
Expert from India, United Nations e-Government Survey Report
Member, United Nations Public Administration Network in e-Governance
Member, United Nations Committee on Information and Communications Technology
Founded the First e-Commerce Magazine in India in 1999
New Delhi, India

Margaretta understands and values humanity. She puts humanity before money. She is one of best people I know. We have the same line of thinking, approach, mission and vision. When two positive people meet, something positive happens. Margaretta and I are working together to improve the lives of millions of people around the world. I have had a dream to transform the lives of people from all villages across India and through all castes. Margaretta and I have a vision of positive transformation for humanity through the convergence of advanced technology. We believe that women's financial inclusion is essential and will bring positive development in families and in society. We are working to improve healthcare, increase financial inclusion, empower women, improve the lives of children, and to improve education at all levels from primary through university. Margaretta and I are kindred spirits working together to create big improvements for all human beings.


Jill Angelo
CEO, genneve
Women's Health Advocate
Minnesota State University

Margaretta and I were meant to collaborate on the future of women’s health. She's on the Advisory Board of my company genneve and we’re defining how we can use emerging technologies including AI, blockchain and wearables to improve the health of all 3.5 billion women on the planet. When I picture the perfect partner to bring the power of AI and technical innovation to women’s health, there’s no stronger, more positive, more visionary person than Margaretta. The company she keeps is reflective of her ever-present warmth, generosity to share her knowledge and network, and the impact she’s having on this earth.


Sergio Ruiz
Managing Director, Methuselah Fund
Chief Operating Officer, Revercell Biotechnologies
Angel Investor, Longevity Biotech Advisor
University of Maryland - College Park
Washington DC

Margaretta and I met at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging and instantly connected on our visions for living healthier and longer lives. We are both passionate about translating scientific breakthroughs into the clinic and we understand that healthy longevity is now more of an engineering challenge than it ever was. We both agree that more needs to be done in the way of educating the general public on the promise brought forth by living longer and more enjoyable lives. I will always remember something profound Margaretta said to me. She said "When I hear people say that they wouldn't want to live longer, I always think that their perspective would change very quickly if they faced a life-threatening event". Needless to say, all those who meet Margaretta are immediately refreshed by her lively and positive outlook on life because she truly enjoys life. I am proud to say I understand that feeling.


Javed Khattak
CFO, Humaniq
CEO, Zisk miniProperties
CEO & Co-founder, JKCoach (Pakistan)
FIA, Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries
The London School of Economics & Political Science

Margaretta is a very positive, optimistic and energetic person. She has a high degree of professionalism with commitment and intelligence. She is an innovative thinker. She is very good at understanding and communicating complex ideas and at understanding and communicating directly with people. I believe that having her as part of any project will make it easier to get to the finish line and perhaps a mile or two further - no matter how ambitious or difficult the goals. We share many common interests and values including blockchain, technology, AI, longevity, financial inclusion and working towards the greater good, to mention a few. I am very excited to work with her and look forward to much collaboration in the future.


David Cho
Software Tools Lead, Joint Strike Fighter, US Department of Defense
Reprogramming for Joint Strike Fighter, Israel, Japan, South Korea
Engineering, Joint Mission Planning Systems across United States Air Force and Navy
California State University-Long Beach, BSc, Mathematics and Statistics
Los Angeles

In my first conversation with Margaretta, we found, in common, core values of freedom and liberty. These values drive our passionate advocacy of technologies that will advance freedoms and liberties to all people around the world to help them solve some of the biggest problems of humanity such as wealth inequality, disease, energy, food production, and the environment, to name a few. Even more inspiring, is Margaretta taking the lead to form advanced networks, alliances, and coalitions such as this think tank to make all this possible. In this light, we've discussed integrating two promising technology applications - AI and Blockchain- into one monster solution across markets and industries. Writing this and in introspection, it's amazing to me that we accomplished all this in an hour and a half. Think what we could do with years and hundreds of like-minded souls. In the future, I can't wait to look back and see all the social good we did with Margaretta leading the way.


Ashraf Hashem
Program Manager & Government Blockchain Consultant, IBM
Ain Shams University, BSc., Business Administration
The American University in Cairo, Project Management & Information Technology
Cairo, Egypt

Margaretta is such a beautiful mind and her ideas about Blockchain and AI will get your adrenaline up. Margaretta and I share the same interest of bringing a Blockchain - AI - Social Web architecture to education to make the next big thing for our children. Margaretta is an awesome, well educated and intelligent person. I hope that my daughters will be as intelligent as she is someday.


Sebastian Cochinescu
Founder & CEO, SupplyBlockchain, Inc.
Co-Founder & Chief Blockchain Officer, SoundFeed
University of Bucharest, Associate Professor
Bucharest, Romania

It’s unbelievable how many things Margaretta and I discovered we have in common: a passionate relationship with technology since the 90’s, the drive to help others and the urge to improve the status quo, at the intersection of technology and creativity. I am happy whenever I get the opportunity to meet people like her in the tech community and to engage in delightful discussions about blockchain, AI and health hacking.


Sergey Balasanyan
AI, Blockchain, Biotech, Longevity, Fintech
Head of Project Management, Deep Knowledge Ventures
Ambassador, Humaniq
Regent's University London

Margaretta is like a ship sailing through life without breaking. As colleagues at Deep Knowledge Ventures, we are both passionate about AI, blockchain, medicine, biotechnology, longevity and fintech. I am truly honored to join the think tank and am looking forward to life-long cooperation with Margaretta.


Kyle Wang
Blockchain Investor and Speaker
Head of Business Development, Hub Token - Human Trust Protocol
Venture Investor, Coinbar Group
Advisory Board Member, Future Network
Penn State University, BS Finance
San Francisco

I had the pleasure of meeting Margaretta through our shared interest in blockchain and other cutting-edge technologies. She is full of passion with both the capability and intent to make the world a better place. As a huge blockchain enthusiast, I am particularly impressed with Margaretta's enthusiasm and desire to explore the intersection between distributed ledger technology and AI when it comes to healthcare and many other industries. Looking forward to future collaboration!


Sergey Shayahmetov
Founder & CEO, Protectiq
Chief Business Development Officer, Sberbank
Innovation Advisor to CEO, Sberbank Life Insurance
International Academy of Business and Management, BS Economics
Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology MIET, BSc Radio, Television, Digital Communication

My team and I at Protectiq are developing the world's first blockchain p2p insurance platform capable of saving lives in the fight against terminal diseases. We believe that assurance should be affordable for everyone. Margaretta is on my advisory board. Let's make it happen together.


Faiq Shaikh, M.D.
Translational Biomedical Informatics
Machine Learning Physician Researcher Consultant, University of California San Francisco
CEO, CMO, Crunchtimr Medical Solutions
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Fellowship, Medical Informatics
University of North Carolina, Postdoctoral Fellowship, Cancer Imaging
San Francisco

Margaretta and I share a passion for Artificial intelligence/Machine learning and the ways it can be applied to Medicine. Very excited to see her vision of bringing together human gray matter to create artificial “gray matter”. Her optimism and energy is contagious!


Kenneth Hendrata
COO, Crunchtimr Medical Solutions
The University of Texas at Austin, BS, Electrical Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University, MBA

Margaretta has a tremendous amount of positive energy that becomes apparent when you talk to her. My team shares her passion in leveraging AI and blockchain to empower solutions to today's problems. In our case, it is making healthcare delivery more accessible to emerging countries. Her experience in the startup arena and forte in networking bring value to any team. Margaretta believes in connecting people and positive network effect starts there!


Nic McKinley
Executive Director, DeliverFund
Combating Human Trafficking Using Advanced Technologies
US Special Operations
Central Intelligence Agency
New Mexico

Margaretta is a force multiplier who is willing to leverage her vast network to propel you forward. Her advice is timely and relevant, but it is her genuine heart to change the world that makes her stand out from the crowd. Margaretta is the perfect combination of investor, advisor, social change agent, and friend.


Andrei Radul
Project Manager, Deep Knowledge Life Sciences
Academia de Studii Economice din București
Chișinău, Moldova

Margaretta is one of those extraordinary people you always dream of working with. Here at Deep Knowledge Life Sciences she is without a doubt a Champion in our quest to make AI, deep learning and blockchain technologies work for the better of human longevity and aid us all, the Humankind, on our way to a healthier, safer, more prosperous and overall brighter future.


Emily Kennedy
Founder & CEO, Marinus Analytics
Combating Human Trafficking Using Advanced Technologies
Carnegie Mellon University
San Francisco

Margaretta is a champion for innovators and a pioneer in the tech startup sector. Her passion is infectious and her advice is golden. She serves on the Advisory Board of my company and I have the honor of collaborating with her to investigate and push the potential of artificial intelligence to fight human trafficking online.


Juan Sebastián Suárez Valencia, MD
Co-founder, Bress Healthcare
Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Carians
Université Paris Descartes

Margaretta is a trust catalyst between high impact oriented people. I’m looking forward to collaborating with her to bring about the future that we envision as soon as possible. Our work together will be around medical care, which is something that we both value deeply. The idea about the upcoming technological revolution in healthcare that we stand for is not about replacing doctors with machines, but about improving the therapeutic alliance between doctors and patients by helping doctors spend more time with patients and less time analyzing data.


Sam Fankuchen
Founder & CEO, Golden
Stanford University
Los Angeles

Margaretta is on point. She is very sharp and capable of distilling issues to their core very quickly. She can immediately put founders in touch with the best person to talk to get what they need. She is very efficient, very technical, and very entrepreneur-friendly. She is the sort of person who could help any entrepreneur at virtually any step of their business, and be a good partner and sounding board.


Amgad Alkorashy, B.Pharm
Medical Biotechnology Associate Consultant, Bionostix
Operations Manager, MTBI Diagnostics
Al-Azhar University, MSc. Biochemistry, Molecular Immunology
Ain Shams University, BSc Pharmaceutical Sciences, with honors
Cairo, Egypt

Thanks to Margaretta, our dream of making an efficient contribution to healthcare in the Middle East with AI seems to be coming to reality. As Egyptian entrepreneurs in bioinformatics and medical informatics, we hope to achieve a regional breakthrough via developing big data-analysis platforms that effectively validate, interpret, predict and recommend, for high-fidelity decision making in the following healthcare-related fields: translational medicine, precision medicine, companion diagnostics, cancer treatment, NGS, clinical pharmacy practice, clinical research/trials (pooled clinical data for CROs, pharma companies, GOs, IGOs & NGOs), and even systems biology and evolutionary biology.


Arielle Sandor
Co-Founder, Duma Works
Princeton University
Nairobi, Kenya

I've really enjoyed working with Margaretta as an advisor. She brings a very fresh perspective and energy to your ideas that you can't help but be inspired by. She connects people effortlessly and genuinely. She is also the guru I turn to for social media and content strategy advice. Margaretta is quick to respond and quicker to help!


James Graham
Co-founder, Caffeine Software
Thiel Fellow, Thiel Foundation

Margaretta is engaging, thoughtful, and fun! Willing to provide help and feedback regularly, she has been an asset to the building of our company. If you have the opportunity to meet with her, take it.


Igor Berezovsky
Founder & CEO, SHAPE
Odessa University

When Margaretta and I first connected we immediately discovered many joint interests such as decentralization, Ethereum, longevity innovations, and chess. With her truly Californian spirit, nuclear energy, and of course humor and intelligence, Margaretta is a force that can move mountains. Margaretta is surely a big win for every startup and community she is a part of.


Slava Chupryna
Co-founder, Ugly Juice
Brown University
The Kent School
San Francisco

Margaretta has helped me and many others to connect with great people in her network. Thanks to Margaretta, I was able to start a career in my preferred field, establish meaningful connections with CEOs and founders, and receive valuable advice. Margaretta is an extremely helpful and passionate person and I encourage people to collaborate with her.


Stefan Doering
Founder & Managing Partner, Shift Group
James Madison University
Pace University
New York City

Margaretta is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. She knows first hand the trials and tribulations of launching a business in today’s environment. She has become my ‘go-to’ confidant and mentor. Margaretta has been exceedingly helpful with her ideas and feedback with helping us launch Shift Group. Her energy, passion for entrepreneurship and unflagging get-it-done approach is exactly what every startup needs. If you have the opportunity to work with Margaretta, consider yourself incredibly fortunate. I can't imagine not working with her on my team!


Jay Singh
Marketing Associate, Red Sift
Brighton University

Margaretta is a fantastic person to know. She has a great deal of first hand experience helping startups grow and she has helped us get some great exposure. With all she does I am still trying to figure out the mystery of how she finds the time to do it all!


Ato Bentsi-Enchill
Co-Founder, RevisionPrep
Founder, Deals en Route
Hobart William Smith College
Choate Rosemary Hall

Margaretta is the kind of person you’d want in your corner. She is very high energy and knowledgeable about everything tech-related. She offers introductions to key people to help every one of us reach our potential. She's a great advisor who is helping entrepreneurs tackle the most salient issues affecting the world today.


Matteo Tadjo Kotch
Product Marketing, Gluru
King's College London

Margaretta is one of the most genuine people that I've met to date. The impression that she's had on me and on the business that I work for far exceeds all of my expectations. Her sheer generosity and good-will inspires her to provide professional advice and suggestions. This all stems from her desire to see all the people who she believes in succeed. This testimonial in itself will not be able to adequately convey just how amazing she is, however, all one needs to do is read the additional testimonials (above and below) to see just how important she is to all of us.


Iskander Musaev
Co-founder, Reveal
Kazan State University
Rochester Institute of Technology

When we were introduced to Margaretta and had our first call with her, we were really inspired by the excitement and enthusiasm she radiated. She quickly got into the details of our business and helped with some great advice and connections right away. Her knowledge of new technology and markets, her interest in learning about new things (from AI to the Russian startup ecosystem) as well as her willingness to share her experience makes Margaretta a great advisor!


Nkatha Gitonga
Co-founder, Yakutti
Harvard University
Nairobi, Kenya

I am incredibly honored to be working with Margaretta. Margaretta believes in us and understands our vision for Yakutti. Her optimism, enthusiasm and her ideas are inspiring, as is her genuine warmth. You couldn’t find a more committed advisor.


Jack Weiss
Project Manager, AT&T Global Public Solutions-National Security Group
Bowdoin College
The Hotchkiss School

Margaretta and I share a passion for fighting for the common good. Her dedication and passion in the fight against human trafficking is unparalleled. I share her desire to bring together the best people with cutting edge technology to end modern day slavery. I'm really looking forward to collaborating with her in the years to come.


Kevin K. Ross-Andino
President, éClat Law
Vanderbilt University
The Kent School

Margaretta is a high-energy and driven individual, the perfect personality to lead a major organization or spearhead the startup of a sophisticated business venture. Her creativity and innovation are of the ilk necessary to transform the mundane into the successful, especially in the area of marketing one's business or business concepts. I highly recommend that you consider collaborating with her on any project for which you expect to achieve success.


John Yearout
Co-founder, LiveCrowds
Connecticut College
St. Mark's School
San Francisco

Margaretta is a true star, the rare talent who simply gets it. Her instincts for business in general and emerging trends and technology in particular set her apart and make her invaluable as a partner and advisor. From an investment standpoint, she also goes beyond simply cutting a check and waiting for something to happen. If she invests in your company, she believes in it and will passionately work just as hard as you do to make it succeed. Margaretta, simply put, is one of the good ones. I highly, highly recommend collaborating with her!


Mbula Nzuki
Co-Founder, Yakutti
University of Nairobi Law School
Nairobi, Kenya

Margaretta has been, and continues to be, a great advisor to us at Yakutti. Her invaluable power of networking and mentoring has indeed been of great use to our startup as both an advisor and a mentor. She inspires teams by simply demonstrating the invaluable importance of being a visionary team player. We look forward to rising to greater heights at Yakutti with her and would definitely recommend her to any start up team looking to walk the distance and make a difference.


Shai Rozen
Cofounder and CMO, Suggestic
Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez
Mexico City

Margaretta provides great feedback and is a genius connector. She is passionate about helping us succeed. It has been a pleasure to work with her. I have no doubt that even greater things are still to come.


Javier González Zabaleta
Research in Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer's
CEO & Co-Founder, Medimsight
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Margaretta and I share a common vision of building an ecosystem of doctors, researchers, entrepreneurs and investors around the world who collaborate to improve healthcare. Margaretta's experience and advice are valuable to me and to many other biotech entrepreneurs around the world. Margaretta has also helped my startup connect with other startups and create valuable partnerships. I look forward to continued collaboration.


Ioannis Tarnanas, PhD
Senior Researcher at ETH Zurich
Atlantic Fellow with the Global Brain Health Institute
Founder and Chief Science Officer, Altoida, Inc.
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Margaretta is a force multiplier who is multiplying our unfair competitive advantage. Margaretta and I believe that data and intelligence will be the ultimate unfair competitive advantage for the next 10 years. And, as the power of big data is harnessed for medical progress, we must engage the next generation of scientists — and the public — and inform and educate them in the art and science of what is possible.


Meg Moss Guegan
Director of Development Communications, Cato Institute
Sweet Briar College,
George Washington University Graduate School
Washington DC

Margaretta is that extremely rare kindred spirit who has the ability to see invisible connections between networks of all kinds and realize incredible potential not previously imagined. Working with her always inspires me to think a few steps beyond what is possible. Her passion for life and positive energy are endlessly abundant - and completely contagious!


Ben Jenkins
Co-founder, Sympler
Manchester Metropolitan University
New York City

We were introduced to Margarettta by a colleague from the NYC startup ecosystem and quickly saw that she was one of the few people who truly understands where things are going in the media and messaging spaces. Our conversations have been profound as well as genuinely entertaining!


Sam Meek
Founder & CEO, Sandboxx
University of Connecticut
Washington, D.C.

Margaretta and I connected via a shared passion for effective communication platforms. As we grow users, features and employees here at Sandboxx, having a community to help think about UX behavior and designed scaling is incredibly powerful. The folks in this ecosystem are here to make their technology platforms better every day for their community and to help others who want to go in the same direction. I look forward to continued collaboration with Margaretta and her ecosystem. Hats off to Margaretta for pulling us together.


Alexander Kane
Co-founder, Sympler
Vassar College
New York City

We were introduced to Margarettta by a colleague from the NYC startup ecosystem and quickly saw that she was one of the few people who truly understands where things are going in the media and messaging spaces. Our conversations have been profound as well as genuinely entertaining!


Tyler Greco
Co-founder, RideSwell
New York University
The Kent School
New York City

Margaretta offers more than her vast expertise in Silicon Valley. As a trusted advisor, her infectious optimism cuts through the daily noise leaving behind only the best insights. If you have the good fortune of earning her faith and support, she will fight tirelessly to see you go all the way. We are lucky to have her in our corner.


Trip Tate
Co-founder, Alumnifire
Princeton University
New York City

Margaretta has been wonderful to work with. She has endless energy and passion for startups and technology, and is always willing to brainstorm new ideas. She’s creative, well-networked, and proactive about connecting people in her network who can help each other. She always over-delivers on her promises, and her feedback and advice is always spot-on. In short, she’s a great person and a tremendously valuable resource for entrepreneurs.


Mark Angus Meyer
University of Chicago
Phillips Academy Andover

Generous and exceptionally thoughtful with her advice, Margaretta is a brilliant mentor. Her sophisticated network covers a vast array of key verticals, opening the door to a great breadth of talented individuals. Margaretta is especially diligent in her approach to delivering advice and keeping our team aware of real time events and opportunities that consistently inform and advance our position on the road ahead.


Madeline Rudnick
Associate Technical Client Manager, AppNexus
Yale University
New York City

Margaretta offers endless guidance from her repertoire of experiences. She's willing to go out of her way to listen to one's ideas and offer feedback to create the most effective means of execution. Her ability to connect individuals in the start-up sphere is very valuable. She's a great person to work with and her energy is contagious!


Matt Cooney
Founder, VibeTribe
Connecticut College
Deerfield Academy

Margaretta appreciates the power of networks and how to leverage the expertise of a team to advance a project within a global context. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her expertise is invaluable as an idea blossoms into reality.


Kurt Walker
Software Engineer, MicroStrategy
Wake Forest University
San Francisco

Margaretta is an extremely helpful advisor. She has a very high level of positive energy and passion for advising technology startups. The advice she has given me has been indispensable. I'm very excited to continue to work with Margaretta in the future!


Aryaman Nichani
Co-founder, ZealMe
Trinity College
New York City

Margaretta's understanding of the fast-paced tech startup environment has proven invaluable to ZealMe. Margaretta is a highly energetic, driven and passionate person. Her presence would be an important advantage to any individual or team.


EJ Culhane
Trinity College
The Loomis Chaffee School

From the moment I began working with Margaretta, she was incredibly helpful. Her passion, enthusiasm, and experience advising tech startups has been invaluable to our team. I highly recommend her to any team looking to collaborate with a high energy, hard-working, and extremely intelligent person!


Anthony Blake
President, Anthony Blake LLC
New York University
The Kent School

Over the course of my career, I have met many people from the corporate sector, but none with the passion to assist others like Margaretta. As a leader and long-time mentor, I understand the importance of working with a good mentor and I am extremely grateful to have Margaretta as one. She is a great listener and has helped me tremendously. I appreciate the time that Margaretta has given to me as I grow my business.There's nothing like having a mentor who understands where you came from, and where you're going. I have learned so much from Margaretta, and she has helped me to sharpen my focus. She has my full endorsement and thanks.


Danyoung Kim
Intern, Dissent Magazine
Fulbright Scholar
Cornell University
Middlesex School
New York City

Margaretta is one of the most valuable and tireless people working to integrate networks and link like-minded individuals. As a sophomore in college, I reached out to Margaretta for advice during my internship search. I was interested in research and government, but wanted more information about specific positions. She not only connected me to other prep school alumni with relevant previous experience, but encouraged my informational interview requests and gave me her support. Margaretta believes in getting to know people, and I am grateful for her enthusiasm and help in exploring career paths.


Torkel Patterson
Member of the Board, Central Japan Railway
United States Navel Academy, Annapolis

Margaretta has tremendous energy and a love for life and people that she translates into effective results. She operates at full speed all the time and is as adept with people as she is with cutting edge technology. Margaretta moves organizations to reach their potential and has the experience and the network necessary to achieve organizational goals and manage a complex organization.


Rodger Kobayashi
Phantom Cyber Corporation
UC Berkeley
San Francisco

Margaretta and I worked together at Open Horizon for a number of years. Open Horizon was a startup in its early stages and Margaretta played a key role in all aspects of the company. Not only was she enjoyable to work with, but her decision making and overall understanding of the entire company was invaluable to the team at Open Horizon. All early stage companies need someone like Margaretta to help keep the team organized, focused and moving in the right direction.


Robert Newton
Maritime Domain Awareness, CSCI
United States Coast Guard Academy
Washington, D.C.

Margaretta is ​the best combination of energy, intelligence and enthusiasm that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She is as comfortable in fast paced and often high risk commercial application development cycles as she is patient and thorough in the rigorous and often laborious military software development cycles. She understands people, process and product. Whenever there is an opportunity to collaborate with ​Margaretta,​ I jump at it because I know ​she​ will keep morale high and never let ​me​ down.


Electra Reed
Educational Consultant
New York University, BA
Columbia University, MA
St. Paul's School

I have known Margaretta for over 25 years. She is a true and thorough professional with tremendous strength of character, integrity and business sense. Margaretta has outstanding communication skills and leadership ability. She is a genius at leveraging technology and social media to create value. Most importantly, Margaretta's keen intellect and clear, logical thought processes make her a stand out in her field. I adore her!


Abhinav Narayanan
Founder, FluidAI
MIT, Computer Science and Molecular Biology

Margaretta and I met over mutual infatuation with AI and Blockchain.


Yu Yen Jordan Lee
Lehigh University
The Kent School
Hong Kong

Margaretta is a very passionate, energetic and humorous person who brings positivity and professionalism to the table. I was lucky to have met her. Due to her easy going nature, we hit it off right away. She has provided me with her expertise and thoughts about the tech market and offered to connect me with professionals in the financial world. Her kind words are truly encouraging and have given me more motivation to work even harder. Margaretta is an extremely generous and helpful person, and I am very fortunate to be able to call her a friend!


Brian Kim
Founder, The Brookings Initiative
Co-Founder and CEO RE:FRESH Cosmetics
Venture Consultant, Tallyfy
Washington University of St. Louis
Phillips Exeter Academy

Margaretta has been an instrumental sounding board. She brings unparalleled energy and rich insight to the table. I am extremely excited to continue working with her throughout my entrepreneurial endeavors.


Lily Crouss
Scholarship Fund Director, Chelsea Piers
Lafayette College
The Kent School
New York City

I first met Margaretta when I contacted her to see if she would be willing to introduce me to someone who worked for an organization in which I was interested. Margaretta immediately responded to my request and followed up with me after to see how my job search had progressed. She truly impacted my job search and helped me build bridges in a city that was completely new to me. I would definitely recommend Margaretta as a selfless, thoughtful and proactive connector who works hard to help others.


Chung Giam Lim
New York University
Middlesex School

Margaretta is one of the most positive, humorous, and down-to-earth people that I have had the pleasure of knowing. She sets the standard for the concept of going the extra mile. Not only did Margaretta give me invaluable advice regarding the professional world, but she also offered to help build my own network with her own number of extensive contacts. She even helped me stay on course and remain optimistic when facing challenges ahead. Margaretta is, without a doubt, an inspiring individual, and someone that any ambitious person should aspire to be like. I am extremely lucky and grateful to be able to have the pleasure of knowing her.


Nishant Patel
University of Southern California
The Kent School
New York City

When I first met Margaretta I was shocked to learn how widespread her personal and professional network extends but my surprise quickly dissipated upon getting to know her. Her effortlessly upbeat attitude, coupled with her extensive experience in both recognizing and acting upon groundbreaking trends makes her an invaluable asset to anyone’s network. Her selfless nature and genuine passion for giving back, adding value, and being a connector epitomize everything I love about Silicon Valley. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to collaborate with her.


Felix Schildorfer
Senior Analyst, Avanade
University of Pennsylvania
Lake Forest Academy
Vösendorf, Austria

I’ve been extremely fortunate to have met Margaretta and join her incredible network. In conversations she’s wise, witty and always full of ideas. It’s always a pleasure to speak with her about our shared interests in technology including fintech, ML, reaching General AI and exploring all the different subsections of ML.


Gregory Qushair
Life Sciences Consultant, Alésia Consulting
University of California, Irvine
BS Biological Sciences and Chemistry
CNIO/CEB Master’s Degree, Molecular Oncology
Toulouse, France

Margaretta and I met at the intersection of AI, Big Data, Clinical Medicine and Drug Discovery. Our complimentary backgrounds and respective networks suggest that we have a bright future of collaboration ahead of us. I count on her to get the latest scoop from Silicon Valley, plus crucial advice on AI projects, start-up funding and strategy, while providing her with my take on the French and Spanish innovation scenes. Having worked in some of the world’s most vibrant Biotech hubs (Boston, San Francisco and Barcelona), I know how important it is to surround yourself with doers, like Margaretta, rather than just talkers. Chatting with her is a refreshing reminder of how easy networking can be when people start with a positive attitude and an open mind. I look forward to Margaretta becoming a true mentor.


Walter Burrough
PhD Researcher, Serious Games Institute, Coventry University
Member, Personal Data & Privacy Committee, IEEE
Texas State University, M. Ed., Education
Austin and San Francisco

I met with Margaretta and we spent a most interesting afternoon talking about China, the future of work, education, AI and so much more. I’m honored to join this group of extraordinary people focused on building a bright future for all and look forward to more conversations.


Keshav Tirumurti
Software Engineer
University of California, Davis, B.Sc Computer Science
San Francisco

Margaretta and I connected over a mutual interest AI in health. She is insightful and forward thinking, and I'm grateful to be part of a think tank where I can learn from amazing individuals from different disciplines.


Jameel Mohammed
Founder & CEO, KHIRY
Undergraduate, University of Pennsylvania
Majoring in Politcal Science
Phillips Exeter Academy
New York City

When I was a student at Phillips Exeter Academy, I reached out to Margaretta for help securing an internship at fashion company Narciso Rodriguez. I loved to design, but I had no idea how to break into the fashion industry, especially while still in high school. Thanks to Margaretta's help, I was able to secure an internship at Narciso Rodriguez, which led to many amazing opportunities and really solidified my desire to work in the industry. Since then, I've even launched my own company, all stemming from the support I received from Margaretta. Margaretta is the Empress of all things Tech.


Michael Shao
Director, OxfordHack
Oxford Blockchain Network
Undergraduate, University of Oxford
Majoring in Politics, Philosophy, Economics
Phillips Exeter Academy

Margaretta is a deeply driven person who has a strong and powerful vision of the future. I enjoy having very thought provoking and well informed discussions with her about shared similar interests ranging from AI to blockchain systems to just about anything that sparks conversation. Margaretta brings right minded people together and provides them with superb expertise and advice. I am eager to work together with her and with everyone else in her ecosystem in the future.


Injil Muhammad Jr.
Undergraduate, Harvard University
Majoring in Applied Mathematics
The Lawrenceville School

Margaretta is a lover of learning. I have the pleasure of knowing her and discussing our shared interests in entrepreneurship, venture capital, and simply expanding one's mind through being comfortable enough to discuss ideas with others. I am lucky to have met Margaretta so early in my career so that together we can be at the forefront of advances in technology that will help people around the world.


Sid Kasat
President and Co-Founder of Blockchain at UCI
Mentor and Developer, UCI International Student Excellence Program
Research Assistant, Calit2
Undergraduate, University of California, Irvine
Majoring in Computer Science
Irvine, California

Margaretta's knowledge of technology ranging from AI to Blockchain is comprehensive and can be clearly seen through the startups she is involved with. As a entrepreneur who has worked in the industry for a long time, she is a great role model and inspiration to students. Margaretta and I are blockchain advocates who believe in the power of decentralization. I founded Blockchain at UCI as an ecosystem for blockchain education, development and networking. We organize workshops, seminars, hackathons, and networking events to facilitate the growth of blockchain awareness and technical understanding. Our mission is to bring together blockchain leaders and help accelerate blockchain technology.


Tyson Stinson
Extracurricular and Leadership Consultant, Crimson Education
Student Researcher, Pioneer Academics
Student Volunteer, Data Science Institute, Columbia University
Undergraduate, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Columbia University
Pursuing a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Physics
Choate Rosemary Hall
New York City

Margaretta and I bonded over a shared interest in artificial intelligence and transhumanism. We're interested in elevating the human condition through the use of technology whether that be augmenting our anatomy, advancing the way we conduct research, or redefining our society as a whole. Margaretta is progressive in the way that she thinks about technology and how it could shape the future, and she is taking an active role in making sure it does so in a way that benefits humanity as a whole. This is why I am proud to be a part of her think tank and I look forward to working with her as we try to upgrade humanity!


Jack Duryea
Machine Learning & Computational Biology
Technology Analyst Internet, JP Morgan Chase & Co
Data Scientist & Bioinformatics Intern, Waterland Lab, Houston Medical Center
Undergraduate, Rice University, Computer Science
The Hotchkiss School

Margaretta and I met over a shared passion for reading and writing articles about emerging technologies. She invited me to have a video conference with her, and I felt we bonded quickly over a shared interest in reading books - she has great recommendations! Margaretta is so easy to talk to and is full of life. Not only is she smart, but also kind and funny. I can tell she has a real passion for technologies that can benefit humanity.


Charlie Andre
USC Hyperloop, Location Hardware Sub-team
Embedded Systems, IOT, Autonomous Cars
Undergraduate, University of Southern California
BS Electrical Engineering, Minor Mobile App Development
Los Angeles

Margaretta has the ability to truly listen and provide meaningful insight. Margaretta’s international network of forward-thinking engineers is one that I am truly honored to join as an undergraduate student. Margaretta’s passion and dedication to working towards a brighter future through high tech is truly inspiring and something I admire.


Stephen Price
Undergraduate, Carnegie Mellon University
Majoring in Computer Science
Phillips Exeter Academy

I'm very happy to have met Margaretta - a fellow soul who is passionate about healthcare and precision medicine. If you want to change the future, she will help you get there.


Kendrick Tan
VR Developer, Aging and Cognition Lab, Brown University
Undergraduate, Brown University
Majoring in Computer Science, Philosophy
Shanghai American School
Hong Kong

Margaretta is a strong believer in the future of the human race. I had the pleasure of meeting her through our shared interests for AI, VR, and philosophy. Her progressive beliefs, which I share, reveal her unwavering passion to extend the technological limits of our world. Her energy and optimism are infectious, and her kindness inspires me to learn more about the many things we discuss. I am very impressed by the existence of her network of passionate individuals, and look forward to working with members of her ecosystem.


Evelyn Donatelli
Undergraduate, Harvard University
Deerfield Academy

Margaretta's positivity, work ethic and drive are contagious. She is a positive and lasting role model as an entrepreneurial, self-starting woman. Her history of having her finger on the pulse of relevant technologies and spaces for meaningful change is self-evident. She continues to excel in leveraging her attitude, intelligence and network to effect socially impactful applications of big data and blockchain technologies. I am excited to see what her future holds.


Josh Peterson
Undergraduate, UC Berkeley
Deerfield Academy

Margaretta has been a valuable resource in my transition from school to the professional world. She offers a plethora of helpful advice and her expertise ranges across industries. Every college student who is serious about networking and creating opportunities for themselves should have a Margaretta on their side.


U1 Technologies provides the communications infrastructure for trading platforms used by some of the world's top multi-national investment banks. U1's software is used at the core of large-scale stock trading applications to trade derivatives, bonds, foreign exchange, futures, options and swaps in real-time trading to global markets. U1 is privately held and has been profitable since 1998.

Margaretta Colangelo, President, U1 Technologies

Deep Knowledge Ventures is an investment fund focused on the convergence of specific DeepTech verticals with investments in AI, BioPharma, BioTech, FinTech, and Longevity. We have offices in London, Geneva and San Francisco.

Dmitry Kaminskiy, Managing Partner, London
Margaretta Colangelo, Partner, San Francisco
Stefan Hascoet, Partner, Geneva

Genneve as a FemTech company that uses the power of AI to improve women’s health. Giving women greater access to their personal health data, education, and a telehealth community of physicians is Genneve's formula to help women thrive.

Jill Angelo, Founder and CEO
Margaretta Colangelo, Advisory Board Member

The Methuselah Fund is designed to accelerate results in the longevity field, extending the healthy human lifespan. Life's a Miracle. More is Better. Our Mission is to make 90 the new 50 by 2030.

Sergio Ruiz, Managing Director

Woolf University is the first blockchain-powered university with its own native token. Founded by leading academics from Oxford and Cambridge, Woolf is a borderless, educational society which reimagines how teachers and students connect.

Joshua Broggi PhD, Founder
Martin Gallagher PhD, Program Manager
Margaretta Colangelo, Advisory Board Member

Quibim™ is a leader and innovator in next generation medical image processing. Quibim applies AI enhanced image processing methodologies to radiological images to detect changes produced by diseases and drugs and provides accurate quantitative information to doctors, clinicians and researchers.

Ángel Alberich-Bayarri, PhD, Founder
Margaretta Colangelo, Advisory Board Member
Andrew Bogle, Advisory Board Member

The AI Precision Health Institute uses AI to assess health and predict risk of disease. The AI-PHI conducts large scale clinical studies including a breast cancer study using AI to analyze mammograms from 5 million women on 5 continents.

John Shepherd, PhD, Founder & Director
Margaretta Colangelo, Chair Advisory Board
Andrew Bogle, Advisory Board Member
Ángel Alberich-Bayarri, PhD, Advisory Board Member

Humaniq is a next generation financial services platform with its own cryptocurrency which is aimed at eradicating poverty for over 2 billion unbanked people living in emerging economies.

Alex Fork, Founder and CEO
Anton Mozgovoy, CTO
Javed Khattak, CFO
Dmitry Kaminskiy, Advisory Board Member
Margaretta Colangelo, Advisory Board Member

ELSE Corp is a Milan based B2B company that is developing a Cloud based SaaS API platform for Virtual Retail. ELSE's cutting edge AI based technology enables mass customization in fashion, luxury and industrial made to measure products for On Demand Industry 4.0.

Andrey Golub PhD, CEO and Founder
Margaretta Colangelo, External Advisor

DeliverFund™ leverages cutting edge technologies to collect intelligence on human trafficking networks. Members of the DeliverFund team are from the highest levels of the CIA, US Special Operations and Navy Seals.

Nic McKinley, Executive Director
Margaretta Colangelo, Advisor

Duma Works™ is the #1 online recruiting platform on the African continent. Duma fuses traditional human-centered recruiting with an interactive digital process to simplify how growing businesses hire top talent. Over 250 employers in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and throughout sub-saharan Africa use Duma Works to find top talent.

Arielle Sandor, Co-founder, Duma Works
Margaretta Colangelo, Advisor

Marinus Analytics™ develops Traffic Jam™ the first AI powered tool to help law enforcement combat sex trafficking online. This cutting edge technology helps law enforcement sift through massive amounts of data, quickly gather insights, find crucial evidence, and save lives.

Emily Kennedy, Founder and CEO
Margaretta Colangelo, Advisory Board Member

The Shift Group is an online education company focused on helping entrepreneurs worldwide start and grow their businesses. In addition to instructor lead programs for companies and schools, ShiftGroup also develops an online gamified entrepreneurship training program.

Stefan Doering, Founder and Managing Partner
Andrew Bogle, Advisory Board Member
Margaretta Colangelo, Advisory Board Member

PhenoMx™ is developing a digital physical exam to measure the major vital organs and tissues of the whole body using non-invasive MRI scanning. PhenoMx uses AI, particularly deep multi-layered neural networks, for image segmentation, co-registration, abnormality detection, and quantitative measurement.

Andrew Bogle, Co-founder
Mark Punyanitya, Co-founder
Girish Srinivasan, CTO
Margaretta Colangelo, Advisory Board Member


Margaretta Colangelo is a native San Franciscan with 30 years of experience working in software companies in Silicon Valley.

Margaretta has been President of U1 Technologies since 2007. U1 provides the communications infrastructure for trading platforms used by some of the world's top multi-national investment banks. U1's ultra high performance software is used at the core of large-scale global stock trading applications to trade derivatives, bonds, foreign exchange, futures, options and swaps. U1 is privately held and has been profitable since 1999.

Margaretta is a Partner at Deep Knowledge Ventures a Hong Kong based fund that invests in disruptive biotechnology, Big Data and AI, and is also involved with the development of blockchain technology and the digital crypto-economy. Deep Knowledge Ventures has offices in London, Geneva, and San Francisco.

Margaretta is a Partner at Deep Knowledge Life Sciences a London based venture fund focused AI and biotech. In partnership with scientists at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, the fund strategically invests in mission-driven companies and support founders who will bridge the unaddressed translational gap between basic biological research and real-world healthcare products that extend healthy lifespan.

Margaretta is a Partner at Deep Knowledge Analytics is a leading Deep Tech analytical agency focused on AI, Longevity and Convergence of Technological MegaTrends. Deep Knowledge Analytics is a subsidiary of Deep Knowledge Ventures.

Margaretta is an Advisory Board Member of the AI Precision Health Institute at the University of Hawai'i Cancer Center. The University of Hawai'i Cancer Center is a progressive and scientifically exceptional NCI-designated cancer center. The Center conducts research to understand the influence of ethnic diversity on both the incidence of cancer and on patient outcomes, to identify the molecular mechanisms involved in the development of cancer, and to provide an infrastructure for access to cutting edge clinical trials.

Margaretta is an Advisory Board Member of QUIBIM based in Valencia, Spain. QUIBIM is a leader and innovator in next generation medical image processing. QUIBIM applies AI enhanced image processing methodologies to radiological images to detect changes produced by diseases and drugs and provides accurate quantitative information to doctors, clinicians and researchers.

Margaretta is an Advisory Board Member of Humaniq based in London. Humaniq is a next generation financial services platform with its own cryptocurrency which is aimed at eradicating poverty for over 2 billion unbanked people living in emerging economies.

Margaretta is an Advisory Board Member of Robots Go Mental based in Frankfurt. Robots Go Mental builds machines that learn fast and naturally, like humans do and aims to accelerate the development of AutoML, and change how Data Science will be performed in the future.

Margaretta is an Advisory Board Member of Genneve based in Seattle. Genneve is a digital health company that uses the power of AI, blockchain, and wearables to improve women’s healthcare. By giving women access to their personal health data, education and to a tele-health community of physicians, Genneve helps women around the world thrive.

Margaretta is an Advisory Board Member of Woolf University, the first blockchain-powered university The design has been developed by a group of leading academics from Oxford and Cambridge. Woolf will be a borderless, educational society which reimagines how teachers and students connect.

Margaretta is an Advisory Board Member of PhenoMx based in New York. PhenoMx is commercializing a Personalized Digital Physical Exam to measure the major vital organs and tissues of the whole human body, using non-invasive MRI scanning, for precision medicine, personalized wellness, and healthy longevity.

Margaretta is an External Advisor of ELSE Corp based in Milan. ELSE is developing a Cloud based SaaS API platform for Virtual Retail. ELSE's cutting edge AI based technology enables mass customization in fashion, luxury and industrial made to measure products for On Demand Industry 4.0.

Margaretta has written over 50 articles on AI, advanced biotechnology, computer vision, longevity, and emerging technologies. She is based in San Francisco.