Margaretta Colangelo is a native San Franciscan with over 30 years of experience in executive management in software companies in Silicon Valley. She has a deep and multifaceted understanding of business, science, and technology and is highly adept at tracking and forecasting innovation in technology. Margaretta has an extensive network of connections and relationships in the startup and venture capital communities in San Francisco and New York City. She communicates frequently with top-tier media, researchers at top universities, and CEOs of AI companies.

Margaretta has been at the forefront of emerging technologies throughout her entire career. In the 1990s she was a core member of the team that developed the first Java based secure messaging software for stock trading platforms that is still used today by the world's top multinational banks. She's been a core member of teams that have influenced important technical specifications and standards, including JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) and JMS (Java Messaging Service), that have helped advance the technology industry. She is a mentor and advisor to hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world, moderates sessions at select AI conferences, and has over 28,000 followers on LinkedIn.


Margaretta has written over 70 articles on the topics of advanced technologies, AI, and precision medicine. She publishes newsletters with Dmitry Kaminskiy on DeepTech, Longevity, and Enterprise Blockchain and has over 10,000 subscribers. Margaretta's is a regular contributor to Forbes writing about AI. Her articles have also been published in MIT Technology Review Italia, Health Management Journal, Asian Robotics Review, The American Journal of Translational Medicine, Pharmaceutical Executive, and Bahrain Entrepreneur. She has been interviewed and quoted multiple times by Forbes, Outsourced Pharma, Fierce Biotech, Pharmaceutical Executive, Healthcare IT, Nanalyze, and Deloitte's Intelligent Biopharma Series.


Margaretta is Co-founder and Managing Partner of Deep Knowledge Ventures a DeepTech investment fund with investments in AI, biopharma, Longevity, and NeuroTech. Deep Knowledge Ventures has three subsidiaries, Deep Knowledge Analytics, Aging Analytics Agency, and Longevity.Capital which together form the Deep Knowledge Group.

Margaretta is Co-founder and Managing Partner of Longevity.Capital a specialized hybrid hedge fund that combines the profitability of venture funds with the liquidity of hedge funds significantly de-risking the interests of LPs and providing the most promising Longevity companies with relevant amounts of investment.

Margaretta is President of U1 Technologies. U1 Technologies is an enterprise software company that provides the communications infrastructure for stock trading platforms used by some of the world's top multinational investment banks. U1's software is used at the core of large-scale stock trading applications to trade derivatives, bonds, foreign exchange, futures, options and swaps. U1 is privately held and has been profitable since 1999.

Margaretta is Co-founder of Jthereum. Jthereum is an enterprise Blockchain technology company. With Jthereum, Java developers can use their existing programming skills to write Smart Contracts in Java for the Ethereum platform.

Margaretta is Co-founder of Deep Knowledge Analytics a leading DeepTech analytical agency focused on AI and the convergence of technological MegaTrends. Deep Knowledge Analytics is the mastermind nexus behind the corporate knowledge and intelligence of the Deep Knowledge Group.

Margaretta is Co-founder of Aging Analytics Agency the only analytical company focused exclusively on Aging, Geroscience and Preventive Medicine. The Agency produces comprehensive analytical reports on the topics of Longevity, Precision Medicine, and AgeTech, and provides strategic consulting in the fields of Longevity and Economics of Aging.

Margaretta is co-author with Dmitry Kaminskiy of Longevity Industry 1.0: Defining the Biggest and Most Complex Industry in Human History.


Advisory Board Member at the AI Precision Health Institute at the University of Hawaii Cancer Center in Honolulu. This is the world's first AI Precision Health Institute to use AI to improve the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Advisory Board Member at the Longevity AI Consortium and AI Longevity Accelerator at King's College London. This is Europe's first AI for Longevity Hub and will serve as a leading R&D hub and industry-academic hotspot for advanced AI-driven diagnostics, prognostics and therapeutics.

Advisory Board Member at Gennev in Seattle. The world’s first femtech longevity company building a telemedicine platform designed by women for women 40+.

Advisory Board Member at Robots Go Mental in Frankfurt. Building AI machines that learn fast and naturally like humans do, and aiming to accelerate the development of AutoML and change how Data Science will be performed in the future.


Margaretta attended The Convent of the Sacred Heart elementary school in San Francisco from 1969 to 1979.

Margaretta attended The Kent School in Connecticut from 1979 to 1983 and graduated in 1983.

Margaretta attended Sweet Briar College in Virginia from 1983 to 1987 and graduated in 1987 with a Bachelor of Arts in Government with a concentration in European History.