Margaretta Colangelo is a native San Franciscan with over 30 years of experience working in the software industry in Silicon Valley. Margaretta has written over 60 articles on DeepTech, AI, and advanced biomedicine. She is based in San Francisco.


* Managing Partner at Deep Knowledge Ventures a DeepTech investment fund with investments in AI, advanced biomedicine, Longevity, and NeuroTech.

* President at U1 Technologies an enterprise software company that provides the communications infrastructure for trading platforms used by some of the world's top multi-national investment banks.


* Advisory Board Member at the AI Precision Health Institute at the University of Hawai'i Cancer Center.

* Advisory Board Member at QUIBIM in Spain.

* Advisory Board Member at Humaniq in London.

* Advisory Board Member at Robots Go Mental in Frankfurt.

* Advisory Board Member at Genneve in Seattle.

* Advisory Board Member at Woolf University, the First Blockchain University.

* External Advisor at ELSE Corp in Milan.