Deep Knowledge Ventures is a DeepTech investment fund with investments in AI, BioPharma, Longevity, and NeuroTech.

U1 Technologies provides the communications infrastructure for trading platforms used by some of the world's top multi-national investment banks.

Quibim is a leader and innovator in next generation medical image processing.

The AI Precision Health Institute uses AI to assess health and predict risk of disease.

Genneve as a FemTech company that uses the power of AI to improve women’s health.

Humaniq is a next generation financial services platform eradicating poverty for people living in emerging economies.

ELSE Corp is a Milan based B2B company that is developing a Cloud based SaaS API platform for Virtual Retail.

DeliverFund leverages AI to combat human trafficking networks. The DeliverFund team is from the highest levels of the CIA, US Special Operations and Navy Seals.

Marinus Analytics develops Traffic Jam the first AI powered tool to help law enforcement combat sex trafficking online.

The Methuselah Fund is designed to accelerate results in the longevity field, extending the healthy human lifespan.

Woolf University is the first blockchain-powered university with its own native token.